Founded in 2000. pointventure has been introducing people to the excitement of adventure sports in the European mountain ranges of Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and France.
pointventure offers a wide range of outdoor activities for all age groups. Select an activity from our range of options and we will give you an exciting action filled adventure, one you will talk about time and time again.
Whether a novice or a keen outdoor type we have something just for you.

We are based in the Allgäu region of Bavaria in Southern Germany approx 80 Km South West of Munich. Bavaria is a summer and winter play ground for young and old, its mountains and valleys are steeped in history and beauty all year round.

The Allgaü is the gateway to the Alps with Austria, Switzerland, Italy & France within easy reach. Bavaria offers everything from easy walks to extreme activities. So why not let us show you what is available in this wonderful part of the Alps and improve on your skills at the same time.
Swiss Haute Route 2006
Valley Blance 2007
Iller playboating 2008